As 2015 rolls on, plastic surgeons are sharing their predictions about what they expect will happen in the world of cosmetic surgery this year.

With an improving economy and more public comfort regarding the safety of treatments, interest in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is expected to continue to climb.

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Double Up

In 2015, patients are expected to combine their desire for both functional and cosmetic benefits of surgery. Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck for example, have been proven to improve low back pain and have actually spared some patients from surgery for urinary incontinence.

A Great Team

Some treatments work better when used together. Botox makes facial fillers better at smoothing wrinkles, and the results last longer.

Photo Focused

Photo-centric social-media websites like Facebook and Instagram are expected to encourage users to take action toward improving their appearance in photos, such as eye lid surgery and neck lift.

Senior Surgery

A new study shows seniors are at no greater risk for complications from cosmetic surgery. As older people live longer, healthier lives, they will strive to keep a youthful appearance.

Look for more predictions to come in the next blog!