As a plastic surgeon who has spent more than a decade learning to care for surgical patients, sometimes I marvel about how devoted I am to the aesthetic concerns of patients beyond what I can achieve with a knife, or a needle for that matter. Patients who come to our office because of issues caused by sun damage, aging, or a combination of both, are often uncertain about the best approach to improving these problems. Because we have a “whole person” approach, our tool box is full and contains more than just sharp things.

Growing a philosophy of addressing the entire breadth of factors that leads a patient to complain about their appearance takes, time, study and a tremendous amount of interest. The multiple components involved in creating a tired and aged appearance are not easily diagnosed in a hurried and inattentive fashion. Our approach reflects our fascination with these set of problems and we work hard to help patients see beyond the needle and the knife.

It is a routine event in my office to have a patient come in whose only desire to have me inject Botox or a filler of some sort into the problem area. If they are instead a candidate for a surgical procedure instead, sometimes they take a little convincing that they need a more “aggressive” approach. I expect this reluctance and, thankfully, we’re able to work through this decision process by creating a trusting relationship. What does frequently surprise me is how many patients only consider treatments that are “skin deep.”

Through the use of Botox and fillers, we can do amazing things to the harsh appearance of the tissue of the face that we’re treating. Unfortunately, while beauty may be skin deep, the skin is both mirror and magnifier of that beauty. That is the reason why I really try hard (for a surgeon) to act as a trusted advisor to our patients when it comes to things that they need to be doing to the surface of their face.

Skin care treatments such as peels and the daily application of topical skin care products are essential components of this whole person approach to the concerns of our patients. While it make sometimes be difficult to bring up, every patient who is undergoing Botox and/or filler treatments has a crucial need to use these additional items to stave off further problems and begin to reduce the damage that is already present.

Whether you’ve been seeing us for years and receiving the benefits of our expertise in skin care, or you’ve simply come in for surgery or injections, we welcome your questions. The skin care product line that we offer has been rigorously tested scientifically for its effectiveness and everyone in the office has personal experience using them. If we’ve not had the chance to fully educate you on the wonderful benefits of a professional medical grade skin care product line, come talk with us.

Our commitment to our patients is to be a trusted advisor. It’s our role to assess your needs, analyze your current skin care routine and help determine what can be done to enhance the vibrancy of your skin, reduce the risks of skin cancer and help you find a regimen that works with your lifestyle.

We can answer your questions and truly care that the information we provide is deeply impactful. Honest and forthright communication is simply the only way we know how to care for others. Come see why patients love us.