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Sun Exposure & Keeping your Skin Looking Young

This time of year I’m particularly mindful of the damage that the sun does to the skin of my patients. Since we do a lot of face and breast work, those areas, in particular, end up drawing my attention quite a bit.

One critical approach to preventing that damage is minimizing sun exposure: avoiding those bright daylight hours of 10am-2pm; and the liberal use of good, broad spectrum sunscreens. Because finding the products can be challenging, our office carries some of the best products available to achieve the highest level of defense. Some of our products even include a tinted sunscreen that can replace your makeup.

Lastly, treating those sun damaged areas always begins with fading creams. The best of those is Lytera 2.0 from SkinMedica. In my view, the results are superior when we also add a Retinol product, which is why I almost always sell them together. It’s always possible that additional treatments with laser/light-based devices will be needed, those do cost a bit more and require the patient not be tanned and not currently seeing sun exposure.

Therefore, in the midst of our nice, warm summer, sunscreen, Lytera and Retinols are an immediate course of action you can take right now to protect your skin and keep its very best! Contact us today at Brzowski Plastic Surgery to learn more about our skin products and how we can help.

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Kybella – Non-surgical Neck Thinning – a Treatment That Works

Non-surgical neck thinning.  Kybella – a treatment that works.

Liposuction has long been a choice for treating patients with an undesirable neck profile.  When done carefully by an experienced plastic surgeon, the results are generally quite good.  While it is a short procedure with a high safety profile and excellent patient satisfaction, it is nonetheless a surgical procedure that is best performed under a general anesthetic.  Submental liposuction, as it’s referred to, is the gold standard for treating this fat deposit in the neck/chin region.

A recent rival to liposuction of the neck is a product recently released that is designed to melt the fat using localized injections.  Kybella® is a minimally invasive procedure that has a very good track record, including a 97% “is it worth it” rating from  The FDA approved Kybella® for treatment in adults with moderate to severe fat below the chin in April of 2015.  My colleagues that testified before the FDA on the effectiveness and safety of the treatments have reported very encouraging results.  These clinical trials included 1,022 patients, some of whom received Kybella® and some who received a salt water only injection into the fat pad.  Those who received Kybella® showed more reduction in the appearance of the fullness than those who received the salt water injection.

One of the priorities in treatment of fat below the chin with Kybella® is to first determine the depth of the fat.  This is not always an easy assessment.  If the fat is not superficial and is instead deep to the neck muscle, patients would not be a candidate for treatment in this way.  Another concern with the injection is to avoid injury to a nerve that controls the corner of [...]

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Why the square face?

Have a square face? Not having a tapered or more oval shaped face can take away from one’s attractiveness. In years past, it often took major surgical procedures in order to improve this issue. Luckily, we now have many good non-surgical options that allow us to make very nice changes in the shape of a patient’s face.

As a surgeon and experienced injectables physician, I’m able to fully assess and consider the wide range of options for a patient to consider when deciding how to make an improvement in his or her appearance. The variety and number of products continues to grow, and the advances in this area of non-surgical treatment are rapidly changing how we approach problems in facial appearance.

If you are interested in seeing how we can help you address any issues that you may be experiencing with your appearance, facial or otherwise, please contact our office via email ( or phone us at 801-479-5722.

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Facial cosmetic surgery is designed to give patients a younger, fresher appearance, but you might be wondering: How far can it turn back the clock?

A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) looked to detail how outsiders perceive a patient’s age both before and after surgery.

The result? Strangers perceived the ages of post-procedure patients at an average of seven years younger than before their surgery.

To conduct the study, the researchers randomly selected a pair of photographs for each of 60 patients — one taken before surgery, and the other six months after surgery. The photos were analyzed by strangers, who were asked to estimate the age of the subjects. The difference between the patient’s actual biological age and the raters’ estimate of the patient’s age — referred to as “perceived age difference” in the study — was compared before and after surgery.

The authors explained their reason for the study: “Although patients generally look more refreshed with facial features that are better defined and lifted to the proper position, it is difficult to definitively assert that they actually look more youthful.”

Patient photos were separated into three groups, according to which type(s) of cosmetic surgery they received: Group 1: facelift and neck lift (22 patients); Group 2: facelift, neck lift, and upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) (17 patients); Group 3: facelift, neck lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and forehead lift (21 patients).

Looking at the pre-surgery photographs, strangers estimated the patients’ ages to be 1.7 years younger than their actual biological age. Using the post-surgery pictures, ages were estimated to be 8.9 years younger than the patients’ actual ages. This means the surgery changed the patients’ perceived age difference by [...]

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From Kim Kardashian to Angelina Jolie: The Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

Hollywood beauties certainly set the bar high when it comes to physical perfection. So, which celebrity body parts do women most covet? To find out, — an online community focused on cosmetic surgery procedures — took a look in its forums to see whose names popped up the most.

Kim Kardashian’s butt (which can be replicated with a buttock lift) is the most requested celebrity feature among women seeking cosmetic surgery, according to Alicia Nakamoto, a representative for RealSelf. (There was, of course, a woman who reportedly spent $30,000 to look like Kardashian.)

Other frequently mentioned A-listers include Beyonce (butt), Madonna (anti-aging for face and hands), Angelina Jolie (cheeks, lips), Rihanna (skin lightening), Jennifer Lawrence (nose), Jennifer Lopez (butt), Kate Middleton (nose, smile) and Julia Roberts (lips, smile).

Popularity fluctuates according to events as well. When “Maleficent” hit theaters, more women began asking plastic surgeons about Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones. When “Jersey Shore” was popular, Snooki’s dental improvements had people wondering how to get their teeth as white as hers. And, “Bachelorette” Krista sparked interest in post-natal “mommy makeovers.”

But, Nakamoto says that most people considering plastic surgery don’t mention famous people at all. “They just want to fix something very personal and go on with their lives feeling more confident with themselves,” she explained.

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Beyond the Needle And The Knife

As a plastic surgeon who has spent more than a decade learning to care for surgical patients, sometimes I marvel about how devoted I am to the aesthetic concerns of patients beyond what I can achieve with a knife, or a needle for that matter. Patients who come to our office because of issues caused by sun damage, aging, or a combination of both, are often uncertain about the best approach to improving these problems. Because we have a “whole person” approach, our tool box is full and contains more than just sharp things.

Growing a philosophy of addressing the entire breadth of factors that leads a patient to complain about their appearance takes, time, study and a tremendous amount of interest. The multiple components involved in creating a tired and aged appearance are not easily diagnosed in a hurried and inattentive fashion. Our approach reflects our fascination with these set of problems and we work hard to help patients see beyond the needle and the knife.

It is a routine event in my office to have a patient come in whose only desire to have me inject Botox or a filler of some sort into the problem area. If they are instead a candidate for a surgical procedure instead, sometimes they take a little convincing that they need a more “aggressive” approach. I expect this reluctance and, thankfully, we’re able to work through this decision process by creating a trusting relationship. What does frequently surprise me is how many patients only consider treatments that are “skin deep.”

Through the use of Botox and fillers, we can do amazing things to the harsh appearance of the tissue of [...]

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