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This media page contains several videos on a broad array of topics including Breast Augmentation, Lifts, Botox & Injectables and more. Also includes is a short video on our philosophy here at Brzowski Plastic Surgery. Thanks for taking a moment to get to know us better and please get in touch if we can answer any questions.

My Philosophy – Dr. Brian Brzowski

My PhilosophyDr. Brzowski and his patients come together to talk about personalized service, attention to detail and being part of the family.

Dr. Brzowski emphasizes the importance of listening and collaborating with the patient to find the desired result.

Body Contouring After Weight-Loss

Body Contouring After Weight LossWhether it’s a bundle of joy, genetics, hormones or poor diet, there can reach a time in life where you just want a slim trim body to emerge.

Dr. Brian Brzowski of Salt Lake City, Utah sees cases like this all the time. Women and men who need more than dieting or fat removal can offer.


Dr. Brian Brzowski Live on Fox News WILS

Dr. B, Live on Fox NewsJoin Dr. Brzowski’s Live interview on Fox News (WILS) where he discusses Dentists, Gynecologists and other non-specialized physicians who are now doing specialized procedures and what to look out for.

Dr. Brzowski stresses the importance of making sure that your surgeon has specialized training.


Breast Augmentation & Lifts – Dr. Brian Brzowski

Video of Breast Augmentation & LiftsVisit with Dr. Brzowski as he explains the process of blending art and science to attain the ideal result.

Whether it’s selecting the ideal implant or performing a lift, it’s about achieving the right look for the patient.



ExparelDr. Brzowski talks about Exparel, an exciting new local anesthetic that is a game-changer for patients undergoing abdominal surgery.

Improved comfort and quicker recovery times are among the incredible benefits of this new anesthetic.


Botox & Fillers – A Conversation with Dr. Brian Brzowski

Botox & FillersLearn about Botox and how this incredible product can help restore volume and improve your appearance.

Dr. Brzowski discusses new products that can offer additional volume to help achieve the desired result.