Men have the advantage of looking more and more distinguished as they age. Out here in the American West, home of the stereotypical rugged cowboy and hard-working ranch hand, a few wrinkles and a slightly weathered look can certainly add to a man’s sex appeal.

While men don’t always want to look younger, they do always want to feel confident in their appearance.

Popular plastic surgery services for men range from customized skincare plans to more invasive surgical procedures like liposuction. Men of all ages and all walks of life can benefit from the options Brzowski Plastic Surgery has to offer.

“We can really help these men keep their masculinity, but still improve their overall appearance,” says Dr. Brzowski.

Healthy Skin is Attractive

Well-worn leather boots may be sexy, but skin that looks like tough, tanned cowhide is not.

When it comes to skincare, a little bit of education and a few good products go a long way. At Brzowski Plastic Surgery we have products that can reverse sun damage, moisturize and protect your skin.

The first step towards a fresher looking face is to come in for a skin assessment. We’ll talk about your goals and help you come up with a skincare plan that works for you.


Putting your best face forward doesn’t mean having a face devoid of wrinkles. Too many wrinkles, however, can make you look older than you feel.

Botox, when done conservatively, will soften harsh wrinkles without erasing them completely. Here at Brzowski Plastic Surgery we don’t want you to look too old or too young, just extremely handsome.

The Male Chest

“There are other things that men have always been concerned about as they age and their clothing starts fitting differently,” explains Brzowski. “We’ll do more and more things for men in the chest when they start to get a little heaviness in the chest that happens with aging and some of the male hormonal changes that occur.”

The clinical term for breast enlargement in men is gynecomastia. Men with the condition often avoid tight-fitting clothing and situations where they need to remove their shirt. The good news for these men is that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Removing excess breast tissue, and in some cases excess skin, can restore a man’s confidence.


If excess fat has got you down, Brzowski can help with that too.

“Liposuction really is a popular, common thing for us to do in my practice,” adds Brzowski. “We do a lot of liposuction on the abdomen and on the love handles.”


A strong jawline and a chiseled face are hallmarks of a handsome man. When that strong jawline turns into a double chin, surgery is an option.

With neck lift or facelift surgery Dr. Brzowski removes excess fat and skin in the face and neck, restoring the sharp jawline that men desire.

The surgical or non-surgical procedure that’s best for you will depend on your unique physical features and your desired results. Schedule a consultation with Brzowski Plastic Surgery today to learn more.