Surgery after Weight Loss

Obesity in the United States continues to increase at an epidemic rate. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, estimates that 30% of U.S. adults over the age of 20 are now obese. Fortunately, diet and exercise are no longer the only options for treatment of obese patients. In fact, once a patient reaches a certain weight, non-surgical methods of weight loss are usually quite ineffective. The advent of numerous surgical techniques by experts in Bariatric Surgery now provides qualifying obese patients with an effective treatment for their illness. Studies have clearly proven that many associated diseases that accompany morbid obesity will improve or completely resolve with the weight loss that follows Bariatric Surgery.

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Several predictable changes are almost certain to occur as patients undergoing bariatric surgery begin to see progressive weight loss. Changes in the skin and soft tissues occur to some extent in nearly every patient. They include looseness of the face, neck, arms, breasts, upper trunk, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. We often also see a deflation in the volume of these areas, particularly the breast and buttocks.

Although the bariatric procedure is able to help the patient move toward their previous weight, patients generally do not fully return to the condition and appearance that they had prior to their weight gain. Indeed, these are changes that further weight loss and fitness gained through exercise will actually worsen. Thankfully, we do have at our disposal several surgical techniques to deal with these changes.

Our most common surgical procedures for patients following massive weight loss are belt lipectomies (often called a lower body lift), thigh and arm lifts, facelifts, and breast lifts, with or without implants. All of these procedures involve some amount of skin removal and lifting of the sagging tissues. Where appropriate, we will also augment the lost volume and tighten the muscle layers. The tradeoffs for these improvements are the resulting scars and recovery.

Patient satisfaction following these procedures is usually quite high. We have an excellent network of patients who are available to discuss their experiences with prospective patients in an independent and unbiased manner. The recovery, risks, and expense are typically well worth it to the patient. In comparison to money that is spent on disposable items such as furniture, TV’s and even vehicles, many patients consider the money spent on these procedures to be an investment that gives a lasting improvement and value for the money for many years.

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