Surgery Room PhotoBecause we operate exclusively in our own certified surgical facility, we often fail to recognize how little patients really think about where they are having their surgery.

As experienced and committed surgeons, we are sure to always put the patient’s safety first and foremost in our minds. Consequently, when recent research was released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, we took particular note of the location of where patients were undergoing surgery.

According to these statistics, the majority of patients undergoing plastic surgery (this data even included insurance reconstructive plastic surgery cases) have their procedures done outside of the hospital. 60% of patients had their surgery in either an ambulatory surgery center or an office based surgery facility.

Of these, the majority (62%) had their surgery performed in an in office surgery facility. We find this data to be very reassuring and reinforcing of our belief that it is safe and appropriate to have elective cosmetic surgery in an office-based setting.

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