Woman on the BeachThis time of year I’m particularly mindful of the damage that the sun does to the skin of my patients. Since we do a lot of face and breast work, those areas, in particular, end up drawing my attention quite a bit.

One critical approach to preventing that damage is minimizing sun exposure: avoiding those bright daylight hours of 10am-2pm; and the liberal use of good, broad spectrum sunscreens. Because finding the products can be challenging, our office carries some of the best products available to achieve the highest level of defense. Some of our products even include a tinted sunscreen that can replace your makeup.

Lastly, treating those sun damaged areas always begins with fading creams. The best of those is Lytera 2.0 from SkinMedica. In my view, the results are superior when we also add a Retinol product, which is why I almost always sell them together. It’s always possible that additional treatments with laser/light-based devices will be needed, those do cost a bit more and require the patient not be tanned and not currently seeing sun exposure.

Therefore, in the midst of our nice, warm summer, sunscreen, Lytera and Retinols are an immediate course of action you can take right now to protect your skin and keep its very best! Contact us today at Brzowski Plastic Surgery to learn more about our skin products and how we can help.