A few kind words from our valued patients:


Dr. Brzowski was my surgeon for a tummy tuck and a hernia operation. I consulted several plastic surgeons before having the procedures done. I chose Dr. Brzowski because he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Certified Surgeon. I also spoke with several people who had the same procedures done by Dr. Brzowski. Every person was extremely happy with their results and highly recommended Dr. Brzowski. I am another extremely happy patient with my results. I had a short recovery with minor scarring and my stomach looks like it did before having children. It’s amazing! Dr. Brzowski is not only a very talented surgeon but also very personable and easy to talk to.



My first impression of Dr. Brzowski was excellent. He was kind and optimistic about what he could do to help me. Being a Male patient that was actually a huge concern for me. I had a false preconceived perception that only women had such procedures performed as I was in need of. I had dropped a lot of weight before going to see him. The final step in my “transformation” was to rid myself of all the excess skin I had accumulated over the years from being obese. He was a great help, explaining the procedures he could perform and even suggesting some that I may want to have done later, which I will actually have done in the coming months. His staff was very friendly and helpful. The post surgery care was highly emphasized and excellently performed by an after surgery care company pre-arranged by Dr. Brzowski’s office. Post Op appointments were also very informative and helped me to a much quicker than expected recovery. I wish I could give some sort of negative insight, but honestly the whole experience went so smoothly and the results of the surgery have made me such a happier person, that I just can’t think of anything I would have changed, other than I wish I would have buckled down on myself and dropped the weight years earlier.



Dr. Brzowski came highly recommended by my family practice doctor, whom I hold in very high regard. Dr. B. has wonderful bedside manner, is funny, and wants his patients to be well informed. I came with a big list of questions, he was more than happy to answer. He, and his staff, gave me so much information I knew what to expect in every step of the process. There were no surprises. Since I was driving from out-of-state, Dr. Brzowski and his staff combined my first three appointments into one, so I would not have to travel as much. Kelley did my fitting, and I am so glad I listened to her advice about sizing. The surgery was done in the surgical suite in Dr. Brzowski’s office, and his nurses are wonderful. He is very precise and gentle, which made my recovery quite smooth. The morning after my surgery, Dr. Brzowski called to check in and see how I was doing. I would recommend Dr. B to any one in need of a plastic surgeon.



I have had multiple experiences working with Dr. Brzowski and his staff. He is such an intelligent and well informed surgeon. When he’s in the room he is focused only on you and will give you all the time you need to feel comfortable and confident about his advice and your decisions. His concern and care for you is just as focused on your follow up appointments as when you first see him. His staff is also fantastic. Every one of them is as professional and patient focused as he is. I felt personally cared for from beginning to end.



Dr. Brzowski went the extra mile to help me with my concerns and my care as I am post gastric bypass and have special needs and concerns. I went to see several other surgeons and they didn’t spend anytime talking about the fact that I am post bypass. Dr Brzowski went down to the MD who performed my GB and spent time in surgery with him.He also has been to seminars with other surgeons who have worked with GB patients sharing and networking to find the very best restorative procedures for our needs. He is great and I couldn’t be happier with my results.



I was initially referred to Dr. Brzowski by a friend. Then I began speaking to a surgical nurse at the gym where I work out. She couldn’t have been more impressed with his procedures and recovery times. I then sought the advice of my primary care physician. She informed me that Dr. Brzowski is who she would use for any procedures she has performed on her. I had lost about 90 lbs. and although I work out faithfully, I found that I was left with quite a bit of excess skin on my tummy. I was immediately impressed by the amount of time Dr. Brzowski spent with me. He had complete understanding of my concerns, expectations, and he answered everything in a very friendly and professional manner. It has been six weeks since my tummy tuck, and I couldn’t be happier! His office is warm and inviting and every time I have been in, from first consultation to my six week post-op check up I have felt welcome and been treated as someone special by his friendly and personable staff. The on-site surgical facility is state-of-the-art. His follow-up has been great, and his entire staff is just wonderful. I can’t imagine having a more positive experience! Oh, and I have the tummy of a teenager!



My experience exceeded my expectations. I can’t possibly say enough about the staff, my procedure, my recovery, and of course, I love my results!