All of the implant manufacturers offer great warranties. They compete with each other so vigorously that you’ll likely find the company with “the best” warranty will have their warranty matched word for word very soon after it becomes known. You simply can’t chase the warranty rabbit.

The most important part of this to understand is that no matter which implant company your surgeon uses, you have unprecedented choices at this point in time. Breast implants today are more durable, more pleasing, and have far fewer complications such as capsular contracture and rippling. Even more reassuring is that if a company warranties their product for life (which they all do), you know that the company really doesn’t think that they’ll be giving out free implants very often. Like us, they understand that a breast implant rupture is becoming a very rare event.

You should spend your time considering the surgeon first and foremost. There are few true differences in implants, but HUGE differences in the training, experience and personalities of the surgeons you could utilize. Just like a lot goes into picking the person you choose to cut your hair, choosing where to go based on what type of hair clipper they use is, shall we say, misapplying your priorities.

Nonetheless, here is a great breakdown of warranties and how they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. In my office we use all of these manufacturers and will select from all of these choices the implant that we think will provide our patients with the best result. Trust us to make the best decision for you and the one that will lead to the highest likelihood of a safe and long-lasting pleasing result.

Breast Implant Warranties