zip-zilch-nadaThere are three manufacturers that provide shaped implants (not round) that contain a more cohesive silicone gel material in comparison to standard round silicone implants. When considering a surgeon for insertion of these implants, prospective patients should consider many factors. One of these important factors is the Dr.’s rotation rate for shaped implants.

Because these implants have a top, a bottom, a left and a right side, a unique technique must be performed by your surgeon to insert them correctly and ensure that they remain in place. This procedure requires specific training and experience compared to round breast implant augmentation. Failure of the implants to maintain the proper orientation can result in development of a misshapen breast requiring the patient to pay for new round implants and undergo additional surgery.

Manufacturers publish national statistics regarding cases that involve rotation of a shaped implant. Dr. Brzowski enjoys a much lower rotation percentage than the national average. What is his rotation rate? Well, ZERO. That’s right. He has NEVER experienced a rotation of a shaped implant. While we can rarely say never, and statistically it is possible that a future patient may experience this complication, but so far … so good! Zero is good!

If you want to have breast augmentation performed by a meticulous surgeon with years and years of experience, then contact Dr. Brzowski for a consultation. At that visit, you’ll see firsthand how careful planning and compassionate care add up to great results and happy surgical patients.

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