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Even the Brits know there’s a problem

The attached news article is a real awakening to the pervasive problem across the globe of unqualified persons (often not surgeons or even MD’s) performing surgical procedures that are only traditionally taught in approved residency training programs.

When looking for a breast augmentation or any other elective cosmetic surgical procedure, your first stop should be to search for a board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of his or her state plastic surgery society. Once you have verified the surgeon’s memberships and professional affiliations, you should consult with friends and visit reputable sites that contain reviews from real patients. One of the most truthful and educational of these websites is Contributors are vetted for their legitimacy and reviews are carefully scrutinized for honesty.

We welcome a thorough review of our backgrounds and experience. A visit here in our offices in Ogden, UT will help you learn more about us and let you make a truly informed decision about who should be doing your elective cosmetic surgery.

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Quick Plastic Surgery Statistics

Because we operate exclusively in our own certified surgical facility, we often fail to recognize how little patients really think about where they are having their surgery.

As experienced and committed surgeons, we are sure to always put the patient’s safety first and foremost in our minds. Consequently, when recent research was released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, we took particular note of the location of where patients were undergoing surgery.

According to these statistics, the majority of patients undergoing plastic surgery (this data even included insurance reconstructive plastic surgery cases) have their procedures done outside of the hospital. 60% of patients had their surgery in either an ambulatory surgery center or an office based surgery facility.

Of these, the majority (62%) had their surgery performed in an in office surgery facility. We find this data to be very reassuring and reinforcing of our belief that it is safe and appropriate to have elective cosmetic surgery in an office-based setting.

Come visit with us and learn what we do that makes us so special and how our facilities and personnel can provide you with a warm, yet professional experience.  We’d love to show you who we are.

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As 2015 rolls on, plastic surgeons are sharing their predictions about what they expect will happen in the world of cosmetic surgery this year.

With an improving economy and more public comfort regarding the safety of treatments, interest in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is expected to continue to climb.

If you’re ready to use the latest procedures to give you the appearance you’ve always wanted, visit Dr. Brian Brzowski, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Double Up
In 2015, patients are expected to combine their desire for both functional and cosmetic benefits of surgery. Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck for example, have been proven to improve low back pain and have actually spared some patients from surgery for urinary incontinence.
A Great Team
Some treatments work better when used together. Botox makes facial fillers better at smoothing wrinkles, and the results last longer.
Photo Focused
Photo-centric social-media websites like Facebook and Instagram are expected to encourage users to take action toward improving their appearance in photos, such as eye lid surgery and neck lift.
Senior Surgery
A new study shows seniors are at no greater risk for complications from cosmetic surgery. As older people live longer, healthier lives, they will strive to keep a youthful appearance.
Look for more predictions to come in the next blog!

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