(Lower) Body Lift

Body Lift Overview

Lifting of looseness of the lower body is accomplished by using a procedure that combines the results obtained by a tummy tuck, outer thigh lift and buttock lift. It is designed to help lift sagging, loose skin in these areas that typically follows pregnancy and weight loss. Although the majority of patients who are candidates for this procedure have lost significant amounts of weight, usually through weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass, we also often see thinner patients whose skin quality and tone are quite poor despite being otherwise fit and healthy. The changes that we can offer the patient through this technique are quite dramatic. A body lift is a very powerful body rejuvenating procedure that is gradually increasing in frequency as more physicians become experienced and educated in detecting the physical changes in patients that make this procedure valuable and as they learn the surgical techniques. Through his interactions with weight loss surgeons and several of the pioneers of these techniques, Dr. Brzowski has obtained extensive experience and a very thorough understanding of this procedure.

The ideal candidate for this operation is an individual with excess skin along the lower abdomen that extends over the hips and around the top of the buttocks. They also have a separation of the abdominal wall muscles and sagging of the outer thigh and buttocks. Prominent cellulite also often occurs. The procedure will repair the separated abdominal muscles; remove excess skin over the abdomen, over the hips and above the buttocks, while simultaneously elevating the pubic area, the outer thighs and buttock tissues.Liposuction of other areas may be incorporated into the procedure as well where needed. The position of the scar is similar to a tummy tuck but extends circumferentially around the trunk, in as low a position as is reasonable. Despite the fact that the scar is long, it typically heals very well. Should you have specific desires regarding the location of the scar, you are required to make them aware to your surgeon prior to your procedure.

Body Lift Recovery Period

All of Dr. Brzowski’s patients stay in overnight accommodations for the first postoperative night. Any stay beyond that period is charged to the patient directly from the facility. Dressings are placed on the incisions. If a binder is applied around your abdomen, you will need to wear it 24 hours a day for 2 weeks, and as desired after that. For the first few days, you are likely to feel discomfort which can be controlled with pain medication.

We suggest you begin walking as soon as possible although rest is very important as well. Moving your feet up and down even while in bed every hour helps circulate blood in the calf muscles and decreases the odds of you developing a blood clot in that region. In addition, we require that you use a compression hose for 2 weeks to assist in minimizing this risk as well. Individuals with desk-work type employment may resume work two to three weeks following surgery. Others with work involving prolonged periods of standing or walking may need to wait from 3 to 6 weeks. Patients with employment involving heavy lifting or vigorous activities need to wait at least 4-6 weeks. Vigorous or aerobic exercises should not be resumed for 4-6 weeks as well. For several days after surgery, you will feel like you need to be flexed at the waist to be comfortable. It is absolutely critical that you maintain this bent over position until you feel loose enough to begin to stand more upright. This usually takes 5-7 days, but can last longer. Failure to stay in this position could pull apart your incision. Bending excessively at the waist puts pressure on the back and standing upright puts pressure on the abdominal incision. Gradually you will be able to stand upright.

Body Lift Risks

A body lift is a common aesthetic procedure in Dr. Brzowski’s practice with generally very good results. Nevertheless, risks such as infection, bleeding, poor healing and blood clots can occur with any operation. Following our instructions will minimize these risks. Smokers are advised to discontinue smoking three weeks prior to surgery and 3 weeks after surgery. Recurrent looseness of the skin and other tissues is to be expected. It is the rare patient that does not experience some relaxation of the tightened skin, and this cannot be avoided. We believe the explanation for this is simply that the tissues themselves no longer have the capacity to remain optimally tight after they have been stretched so much by prior weight gain. The need to remove recurrent loose skin is not a complication, nor is it the result of poor surgical planning. In light of this, be aware that any needed additional procedures will be your financial responsibility.

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