Arm Lift in Ogden, Utah

Arm Lift Overview

An arm-lift, also known as a brachioplasty, addresses the loose skin of the arms. The length and location of the incision depends upon the amount of looseness – some patients only need an incision in the armpit, while others with more extensive looseness also need the incision to extend down to the elbow along the inner, hidden portion, of the arm. Often, liposuction is needed to help provide the best contour possible.

Despite the length of the incision and the tendency towards thickening of the scar, Dr. Brzowski places the scars in the most inconspicuous place possible. This affords the patient the opportunity to wear a variety of clothing, including even tank tops and sleeveless tops.

Most patients who are candidates for this procedure have lost significant weight or are simply suffering from the effects of aging or hereditary factors.

Arm Lift Recovery Period

Discomfort from the procedure is usually related mostly to the swelling that occurs after the procedure. This can be controlled with compression and your narcotic pain medication. Keeping your arms elevated will also help. Expect this situation to exist for several weeks after your surgery. Periodically he will need to use drains, and the necessary care for them will be described to you if they are used. Typically we are able to remove them within a week after the procedure.

You are asked to remove your dressings 24 hours after surgery and replace as needed twice daily until the incisions are dry. The compression will be achieved by either an elastic garment or ACE™ bandage.

Return to light duty is usually possible within 1-2 weeks. Vigorous use of the arms is discouraged and lifting the elbows above shoulder height is prohibited for 4-6 weeks.

Risks of Arm Lift Surgery

As with any operation, there are risks of bleeding, poor healing, infection, dissatisfaction with the results, and complications from the anesthetic such as blood clots and etc. Certain behaviors around the time of your surgery can influence your risks of problems such as smoking and failing to follow instructions regarding wound care and activities. Specifically, smokers are required to discontinue smoking a minimum of 3 weeks prior to surgery and not resume smoking until proper healing as been verified. Despite every effort, differences in the appearance, size and shape of the arms is possible, and injury to underlying important nerves is possible however quite rare.

Learn More about an Arm Lift

If you feel that an arm-lift might be right for you, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Brzowski to discuss your desires.