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Men Want to Look Good Too

Men have the advantage of looking more and more distinguished as they age. Out here in the American West, home of the stereotypical rugged cowboy and hard-working ranch hand, a few wrinkles and a slightly weathered look can certainly add to a man’s sex appeal.

While men don’t always want to look younger, they do always want to feel confident in their appearance.

Popular plastic surgery services for men range from customized skincare plans to more invasive surgical procedures like liposuction. Men of all ages and all walks of life can benefit from the options Brzowski Plastic Surgery has to offer.

“We can really help these men keep their masculinity, but still improve their overall appearance,” says Dr. Brzowski.
Healthy Skin is Attractive
Well-worn leather boots may be sexy, but skin that looks like tough, tanned cowhide is not.

When it comes to skincare, a little bit of education and a few good products go a long way. At Brzowski Plastic Surgery we have products that can reverse sun damage, moisturize and protect your skin.

The first step towards a fresher looking face is to come in for a skin assessment. We’ll talk about your goals and help you come up with a skincare plan that works for you.
Putting your best face forward doesn’t mean having a face devoid of wrinkles. Too many wrinkles, however, can make you look older than you feel.

Botox, when done conservatively, will soften harsh wrinkles without erasing them completely. Here at Brzowski Plastic Surgery we don’t want you to look too old or too young, just extremely handsome.
The Male Chest
“There are other things that men have always been concerned about as they age and their clothing starts fitting differently,” explains [...]

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An Update on Implant Position in Breast Augmentation

This is an update to a blog post that I made last year on whether patients undergoing breast augmentation should place the implants above or below the pectoralis major muscle. In conjunction with the study that I mentioned in that prior blog, we now have another, recently published study from one of my dear colleagues and associates in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

In their study, they found that several things increased the risk of problems following breast augmentation. To quote the article, “In the primary augmentation cohort, subglandular placement of the device was the strongest univariate risk factor for development of capsular contracture”. This means that women who have their breast implants placed on top of the muscle are at greater risk for development of a tight scar around the implant. Positioning the implant in that location is the highest risk of all risks for this complication.

My nearly 30 years of surgical experience and my practical experience as a plastic surgeon confirm the findings of these colleagues. There are many unexplained factors that create risk of any surgical procedure, but we certainly need to do our best to minimize those odds when and where we can. I hope you’ll give us a chance to evaluate any concerns you have about a prior procedure or any anticipated future surgeries.

If you want to take a look at the previous blog that I mentioned, you can find it here:

Membership in the Local Plastic Surgery Society May Be the Most Important Credential

In an effort to help patients understand the important credentials that they should look for in a plastic surgeon, I offer this discourse:

As part of a patient’s due diligence in researching the qualifications of their prospective plastic surgeon, they frequently will notice the surgeon’s memberships in professional organizations. Some surgeons are members of a few organizations; some are members of none; and some are members of many. While it’s probably not not an issue if the surgeon is only a member of a few organizations, the surgeon’s failure to belong to any professional societies can signify some type of problem.

Most plastic surgeons who are board-certified (the American Board of Plastic Surgery is the most recognized board for plastic surgeons to join, and the only board that is legitimate in the laws of many states such as Utah) will belong to the American Board of Plastic of Surgery. It is sort of the “granddaddy” of plastic surgery societies. This is a well-established national organization that has been in existence since 1931. They purport to represent 94% of the practicing plastic surgeons. Membership in the organization requires board certification in Plastic Surgery, hospital privileges for any procedure that is performed in a facility outside of the hospital, all procedures must be performed in a certified surgical facility (either JACHO, AAAHC, Medicare, State, or AAAASF certifications), yearly continuing medical education, and adherence to a rigid set of ethical standards. When looking for a general plastic surgeon, membership in ASPS is helpful to know that this physician has the basic certifications and follows routine ethical principles to be competent.

Another large national plastic surgery organization is the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). [...]

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I Gotta Give It To a Colleague

As we learn more and more about a very unusual condition called Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, I think a colleague and fellow member of the Plastic Surgery Channel really summed up our current understanding of this condition.

I suggest you watch the video they produced that features Bruce Vannata, MD.

Key take home points from the video are as follows:

The disorder is extraordinarily rare = 238 cases out of millions of surgical patients.
It is a type of lymphoma (or overgrowth of lymphocytes) in fluid surrounding breast implants.
The condition is almost uniquely found in patients who’ve received a breast augmentation using implants with a very aggressive texture.
Patients with this disorder are usually discovered during evaluation for acute swelling of the breast years after their surgery. Evaluation by a plastic surgeon for swelling is recommended.
Treatment using implant removal with excision of the scar tissue around the implant is usually curative.

For further questions on this or should you desire additional information on breast augmentation with the best techniques that minimize your risk of this and other complications, please contact us for a consultation.

Quick Plastic Surgery Statistics

Because we operate exclusively in our own certified surgical facility, we often fail to recognize how little patients really think about where they are having their surgery.

As experienced and committed surgeons, we are sure to always put the patient’s safety first and foremost in our minds. Consequently, when recent research was released by the American Society of Plastic Surgery, we took particular note of the location of where patients were undergoing surgery.

According to these statistics, the majority of patients undergoing plastic surgery (this data even included insurance reconstructive plastic surgery cases) have their procedures done outside of the hospital. 60% of patients had their surgery in either an ambulatory surgery center or an office based surgery facility.

Of these, the majority (62%) had their surgery performed in an in office surgery facility. We find this data to be very reassuring and reinforcing of our belief that it is safe and appropriate to have elective cosmetic surgery in an office-based setting.

Come visit with us and learn what we do that makes us so special and how our facilities and personnel can provide you with a warm, yet professional experience.  We’d love to show you who we are.

Til next time.

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As 2015 rolls on, plastic surgeons are sharing their predictions about what they expect will happen in the world of cosmetic surgery this year.

With an improving economy and more public comfort regarding the safety of treatments, interest in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures is expected to continue to climb.

If you’re ready to use the latest procedures to give you the appearance you’ve always wanted, visit Dr. Brian Brzowski, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Double Up
In 2015, patients are expected to combine their desire for both functional and cosmetic benefits of surgery. Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck for example, have been proven to improve low back pain and have actually spared some patients from surgery for urinary incontinence.
A Great Team
Some treatments work better when used together. Botox makes facial fillers better at smoothing wrinkles, and the results last longer.
Photo Focused
Photo-centric social-media websites like Facebook and Instagram are expected to encourage users to take action toward improving their appearance in photos, such as eye lid surgery and neck lift.
Senior Surgery
A new study shows seniors are at no greater risk for complications from cosmetic surgery. As older people live longer, healthier lives, they will strive to keep a youthful appearance.
Look for more predictions to come in the next blog!

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Tummy Tuck Sustains Weight Loss


Your weight-loss surgery was a success! You’ve reached your goal weight, and you’re feeling great — but what about that loose, hanging skin?

We offer a variety of options for surgery after weight loss in Salt Lake City, including tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), arm lift(brachioplasty), belt lipectomy (often called a lower body lift), buttock lift, thigh lift, facelift and breast lift, either with breast implants or without.

And, beyond improving your appearance, studies have shown that there are significant health benefits to receiving a follow-up surgery after weight loss. Patients are more likely to stay slimmed down when their excess skin is removed, according to research published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Swiss researchers looked at the long-term weight outcomes of bariatric-surgery patients, comparing 98 who had body-contouring procedures with 102 patients who did not. Within two years after undergoing gastric bypass, the patients lost an average of almost 100 pounds. Those who had a tummy tuck regained less weight over time: an average of just over 1 pound per year, compared with 4 pounds per year for patients who did not.

After accounting for the weight of excess skin removed, the average patient who had gastric bypass regained nearly 50 pounds, while those who also had body contouring regained an average of only 14 pounds.

Body-contouring procedures can dramatically improve all of the daily-life activities of weight-loss patients. Another major health bonus is that removing the folds of excess skin decreases the risk of infection and improves healing after surgery.

View our tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) photos, arm lift (brachioplasty) photos and lower body lift (belt lipectomy) photos for examples of how Brzowski Plastic Surgery can help you sculpt the body of your [...]

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From Kim Kardashian to Angelina Jolie: The Most Wanted Celebrity Body Parts

Hollywood beauties certainly set the bar high when it comes to physical perfection. So, which celebrity body parts do women most covet? To find out, — an online community focused on cosmetic surgery procedures — took a look in its forums to see whose names popped up the most.

Kim Kardashian’s butt (which can be replicated with a buttock lift) is the most requested celebrity feature among women seeking cosmetic surgery, according to Alicia Nakamoto, a representative for RealSelf. (There was, of course, a woman who reportedly spent $30,000 to look like Kardashian.)

Other frequently mentioned A-listers include Beyonce (butt), Madonna (anti-aging for face and hands), Angelina Jolie (cheeks, lips), Rihanna (skin lightening), Jennifer Lawrence (nose), Jennifer Lopez (butt), Kate Middleton (nose, smile) and Julia Roberts (lips, smile).

Popularity fluctuates according to events as well. When “Maleficent” hit theaters, more women began asking plastic surgeons about Angelina Jolie’s cheekbones. When “Jersey Shore” was popular, Snooki’s dental improvements had people wondering how to get their teeth as white as hers. And, “Bachelorette” Krista sparked interest in post-natal “mommy makeovers.”

But, Nakamoto says that most people considering plastic surgery don’t mention famous people at all. “They just want to fix something very personal and go on with their lives feeling more confident with themselves,” she explained.

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Safe Navigation

As an introduction to my upcoming posts (that I hope you will find engaging), I want to share a few heartfelt thoughts.

Those of you who keep up with our Facebook, Twitter, and blog writings may recall that I recently posted lessons extracted from a speech by Admiral William McRaven. He is the former Commander, Joint Special Operations Command, and the architect of the raid by Navy Seal Team Six that resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden. Of the points that he stressed in his commencement address for the graduating class of 2014 at the University of Texas, Austin, a few were especially meaningful to me.

McRaven’s recognition of the extraordinary importance of hard work was reflected in his statement, “measure people by the size of their heart (his effort, his work ethic, his determination), not the size of their flippers (status in society, income, appearance).”

This quote illustrates how absolutely critical it is for us all to push to succeed and excel at everything we do. Talent is over rated as they say, and genius is no guarantee of results.
A brilliant example of this truism and triumph of work over innate ability is seen in the thoughts of Jordan Ellenberg. Dr. (PhD) Ellenberg is a professor of Mathematics and author at the University of Wisconsin. At the age of 12, he scored a perfect 800 on the math SAT. He describes how it is easy to be caught up in the glare of ability and genius, ignoring where real achievement comes from. “The cult of genius tends to undervalue hard work and the productive persistence that psychologists nowadays like to call ‘grit’”.

The second personally relevant lesson from the Admiral that he wanted to [...]

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Time Isn’t Necessarily on Your Side, Unless You Know a Trusted Plastic Surgeon.

Patients who come into the plastic surgeon’s office might have one or more procedures in mind, but in general, they want to look good for their age and slow down the aging process. From keeping skin looking smooth and bright to helping their weight-loss goals by minimizing problem areas and contouring the figure, there are many options available. Every plan starts with a healthy lifestyle, filled with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Share some cosmetic options and give your patients some ideas about how to look better than ever; without compromising their natural good looks.

The Face
A man or woman who has already had a facelift, eyelid surgery or a browlift should expect to be happy with their new look after surgery. They have addressed a major component that was causing them problems. Once that is corrected, there may be procedures that can help them continue to put their best face forward. Nonsurgical procedures for anti-aging:

Sleep is a major factor in keeping skin looking young and fresh
Injectables can help you look more approachable

The Hands
Many people don’t realize that their hands age along with their body until it’s too late. Wrinkles, sunspots and loss of fat and volume can be gradual or if you’re like most, hit overnight when you realize you haven’t used gloves enough or put sunscreen on your hands.  A recent news article addressing hand rejuvenation if worth checking out.  Additionally, general information about hand rejuvenation can be found here:

The Body
After a breast augmentation, tummy tuck or body lift procedure, most are excited about their new physiques and feeling confident.  Are there other areas where liposuction or nonsurgical fat reduction could help?  Spider vein treatment perhaps?

If [...]

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