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3D Imaging

3D imaging allows plastic surgery patients to view how a procedure will appear on face, breasts, or body. The procedure involves creating 3D image of your face or body, which can be digitally altered to reveal changes as they will look after a surgical procedure, with the goal of achieving a superior outcome.

Simple, fast, and effective: Our 3D imaging process

Our state-of-the-art advanced digital system involves several simple, fast steps that have proven to be of great benefit in planning a surgical procedure:

  • A series of images of your face or body are taken with a custom high-resolution camera.
  • A 3D image of the area to be treated is created by the software in just seconds.
  • The images are reviewed with you and Dr. Brzowski to describe the various possibilities in a planned procedure, so you can try on various changes and see how they will appear, on you.
  • Working closely with Dr. Brzowski, the outcome you envision can be established so that a precise, accurate and effective surgical plan can be established.
3D Imaging

Seeing is believing.

You have a personal vision of how you want your face or body altered. With the help of our 3D imaging system, we can produce a 3D image of your face or body onto which various changes can be more easily visualized. No guesswork, no surprises. When you have chosen to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, seeing is believing, and we want your results to be exactly as you envisioned.

An outcome that meets your expectations, with the help of 3D imaging.

Due to advances in digital technology, at Brzowski Plastic Surgery we offer a revolutionary system that allows you to see what a surgical enhancement may appear when completed with the help of our state-of-the-art system. 3D images can be created of your face or body, with razor-sharp clarity, to assist in ensuring your procedure meets your expectations.

3D Imaging
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