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Ear surgery, or otoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure performed to correct the position or shape of the outer ear. Ears that protrude can be surgically pinned so that they lay back along the sides of the head or other genetic deformities such as lack of normal ear fold, or those caused through injury, can be corrected.

Aesthetic problems with Ear shape and size

The appearance of the ears is usually due to one or both of the following conditions. Instead of having a small cartilage bowl or pouch that tucks along the skull, some patients have an overly large bowl that pushes out away from the head. In addition, failure of the cartilage along the rim of the ear to develop its normal crease can lead to an absence of the typical fold and allow the edge of the ear to fall forward.

Correction of the prominent ear depends on which of these problems is present. Suturing to recreate the fold along the edge of the ear and to pull the bowl back against the skull is usually done. This is accomplished through an incision behind the ear. Patient satisfaction is very high with this procedure.

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What is an otoplasty?

Excessive protrusion of the ears away from the head can make patients self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Especially for children, they can become the brunt of teasing and jokes that can make them uncomfortable in social situations. Embarrassment will often lead individuals with prominent ears to adjust their hair style to conceal their ears.

Ear surgery recovery period

The pain after otoplasty is usually quite manageable with the pain medication which Dr. Brzowski prescribes for you. Any uncontrollable pain that exists on only one side can mean a blood clot has accumulated beneath the ear skin and this warrants an emergency evaluation to minimize the risk of permanent cartilage damage.

Learn more about otoplasty

If you feel that an otoplasty might be right for you or your child, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Brzowski to discuss your desires.

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