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Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation. However, some women with breast implants no longer want them for various reasons. Our breast implant removal in Utah is a surgical procedure to remove breast implants, along with scar tissue that has formed around them, to restore the breasts to a natural state.

What is breast implant removal and why have it done?

Breast implant removal is a cosmetic procedure that reverses breast augmentation. Women who have had breast implants sometimes choose to have them removed and not replaced for various reasons, including:

  • Complications with breast implants, such as capsular contracture
  • Implant rupture or deflation
  • Difficulty exercising due to the size of augmented breasts
  • Health reasons
  • Personal preference to restore the breasts to their natural state
Breast Implant Removal Utah
Breast Implant Removal Utah

Understanding En Bloc Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal Utah

The Implant Removal Process

Removal of recalled Allergan breast implants

On July 24th, 2019, Allergan voluntarily recalled their BIOCELL line of textured implants as a cautionary measure. The FDA recommended this recall due to a potential risk of developing BIA-ALCL, or breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, from textured implants. While the FDA does not recommend removal for women without symptoms, Allergan is issuing a replacement program for patients with these breast implants.

Which Allergan implants were recalled?

Allergan recalled the following saline and silicone textured implants as well as tissue expanders under the brand name Natrelle.

  • Natrelle textured Saline-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle textured Silicone-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle textured Inspira Silicone-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled breast implants
  • Natrelle 133 Plus Tissue Expander
  • Natrelle 133 Tissue Expander with Suture Tabs

Why were Allergan’s BIOCELL textured implants recalled?

Allergan’s BIOCELL textured implants are a type of macro-textured implants, meaning they have a rougher surface. Macro-textured implants are not common in the United States, making up only 5 percent of implants used in breast augmentation. These implants were believed to keep implants in place, as the rough surface more thoroughly adheres to surrounding tissue, avoiding issues of rotation or repositioning over time.

The Allergan macro-textured implants were found to represent an higher associated increased risk of developing BIA-ALCL compared to other manufacturers’s textured devices. While the risk of developing BIA-ALCL is still extremely rare, the FDA asked Allergan to recall these types of implants as a cautionary measure.

BIA-ALCL is a rare non-Hodgkin’s type of lymphoma that grows very slowly, making it easier to catch. BIA-ALCL is highly treatable when caught in the early stages by being vigilant of any changes to the breast tissue around the implants such as pain, swelling, and the formation of lumps or bumps.

What is the Allergan replacement warranty breast implant program?

After the recall, despite the FDA not advocating for the removal of these recalled implants, Allergan has issued a replacement program for those who are interested in having their recalled BIOCELL macro-textured implants replaced. The replacement program offers free replacement implants to those patients with the recalled implants from July 24th, 2019, for 24 months until July 24th, 2021.

You can learn more about the replacement warranty program at www.abbvie.com/allergan.html.

What costs are covered by Allergan?

Allergan will provide smooth replacement saline or silicone implants in the closest shape and size possible for those who have the recalled BIOCELL implants. However, the cost of the revision surgery is the financial responsibility of the patient as the risk of developing BIA-ALCL from existing textured implants is extremely low and current medical advice does not recommend removal in the absence of symptoms

What steps can I take to have my Allergan BIOCELL textured implants replaced?

If you are a patient with Allergan BIOCELL textured implants and are interested in the replacement warranty program, you can learn more at www.allergan.com. If you are interested in learning more about textured breast replacement or removal, please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brzoswki to determine if replacement or removal is right for you.

What is recovery like?

Although recovery can vary from patient to patient, it is usually smoother after their breast implant removal in Utah than after the initial breast implant surgery. If you have had a breast lift in conjunction with breast implant removal, you may experience a feeling of heaviness and tightness in the breasts for a few weeks after the procedure. Most women report minimal discomfort and are able to return to work in approximately five days after surgery.

Breast Implant Removal Utah

Breast Implant Removal FAQ's

Do health reasons exist for removing breast implants?

In certain cases, doctors may recommend that women have their breast implants removed because of health issues, such as:

  • Capsular contracture (a condition in which the scar tissue capsule that forms around the implant hardens and contracts, squeezing and distorting the implant)
  • Infection or bleeding: If bacteria is seeded on the implant and infection develops, the implant will need to be removed.
  • Calcium build-up: Calcium deposits can form in the scar tissue around the implant, causing firmness and pain.
  • Breast cancer
  • Dead tissue around the implant (necrosis): According to the FDA, necrosis around the breast can result from several causes, including infection, use of steroids in the surgical breast pocket, chemotherapy and or radiation, excessive heat or cold, and smoking.

Do women with breast implants have a higher risk of cancer?

The FDA is collecting data on a possible link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). This is a rare type of cancer involving cells of the immune system. The incidence of ALCL in the breast is only three cases in 100 million women.

Women with breast implants may have a very small increased risk of developing this rare disease. Findings are not conclusive as to whether textured implants pose a slightly greater risk than smooth implants.

What happens when implants leak?

Breast implants are not lifelong devices, and they may rupture or leak. When a saline implant ruptures, it will quickly become deflated, making the rupture obvious. The saline solution that leaks out can be easily absorbed by the body.

However, a leak in a silicone implant is not so easy to detect, and silicone leakage can cause irritation and inflammation in the surrounding tissue. When this occurs, the surgeon performing implant removal will need to remove silicone material during the procedure. As this thick, sticky, silicone gel may be difficult to remove, some breast tissue may need to be removed along with it.

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